Short Form Video Editing Service

Grow your Business with short-form Videos edited for you! We edit short-form videos for TikTok, IG Reels, & YouTube Shorts.

Why Short form videos?

Short-form videos are a powerful tool for you to connect with your audience and build your online presence. Short-form video content has become the preferred video format on social media, driven by the success of platforms like TikTok. It is projected that short-form video will make up 25% of all internet traffic, and it has become the most widely consumed type of content on social media, comprising 40% of all videos. With consistency, short videos can help you establish your authority, increase traffic, and drive sales.

So how do we help?

We took out all the guesswork in the video editing process so all you have to do is focus on creating and sharing.

Get your time back

It takes anywhere between 30/60 mins to edit a single video. We give you a dedicated editor so you get your time & focus back.

Reliable editing with a fast turnaround

Your dedicated editor listens carefully to your requirements with a fast turnaround time so you can post consistently.

Drive conversions with a CTA

Placing a call to action in your video can grow subscribers, sell products or increase web traffic.

We serve a very small number of clients, this is to ensure that we provide the very best service and support.

Additional add-ons such as TikTok Augmented Reality (AR) Filters, and videography are available.

Common Questions

Do I film the content myself?

You and your team create the content, we edit and polish. We can however educate you on technical tasks and provide examples / script ideas to bring your content to the next level.

What kinds of videos can you edit for me?

This is for short-form videos under 60 secs.

You can submit original footage or we can repurpose any videos you have already regardless of format.

We can add basic graphics and text but we do not offer 3D graphics or tailor made animations.

If you need something else please contact us at

Can I ask for revisions?

Sure you can get up to two revisions.

What if I need other kinds of videos edited?

Let us know your needs and we can come up with a different plan for you. Email

What is the delivery time?

We will deliver the first draft of your video within 24 hours (sometimes sooner). If you submit a request on a Friday then it will be delivered on a Monday.

Public holidays are not included as working days so please submit requests in good time.

Please tell us if a video needs to be prioritised.

We cannot accept liability for late delivery in the case of technological failures, staff absence or late submission of revision requests.

Do you upload my video for me to the Social platforms?

No, sorry we don’t for a reason. Some platforms like TikTok prioritise showing content to where you are located (ie.where you upload from) so it is best to upload wherever your core audience is.

Also your social accounts are precious, it is safer for you to retain full control of your logins and not risk being flagged for ‘unusual activity’ when someone logs in from a different IP address.

Do you help me shoot the videos?

In most part, no this is an online service. You shoot the videos and supply any b-roll you own (we can provide stock footage if you don’t have footage).

We will give you specific tips when it comes to shooting your own footage, plus video ideas too.

If you’re based in New Jersey or New York, we can assist with shooting your video. For details, reach us at

I'm an agency / freelancer can I outsource to you?

Absolutely. We work with agencies who have clients that want to capatilise on the massive marketing potential of short form video content. We offer bespoke plans for high volume requirements as well as whitelabel reports. Just get in touch to arrange a consultation call.